Artificial intelligence-driven
digital therapies and biomarkers

ATREON creates artificial intelligence-driven
and approved digital therapies and biomarkers

We operate in the strongly growing. Recent legislative evolutions and heightened awareness for self-management during the CORONA pandemic make ATREON’s activities state of the art in the medical field.
In close collaboration with academia we cover the value chain from A to Z including user experience and interface (UX/UI), algorithm development, data safety and privacy as well as clinical trials.

ATREON has specific expertise in the fields of musculoskeletal and chronic pain disorders and aims to be leader for digital therapies improving patient care according to international treatment guidelines.
Our goal is increased quality of care and patient’s autonomy.

We want to improve therapy through artificial intelligence such as neural network architectures (supervised learning, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, convolutional networks, etc.).
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